About Zippy Shell with Wayne Mobile Storage & Moving

Wayne Mobile Storage delivers a “permit free” container enclosed in a mobile trailer right to your driveway or curb. You then load the container yourself – or you can have our moving team - load the container for you at a minimal charge. The container is then shrink wrapped – BUT allows for air circulation!

Once loaded – once loaded the mobile trailer is brought back to our warehouse where we remove the Zippy Shell container and shrink wrap it then we store in our secure no general public access facility. When you are ready – the container is loaded back into the mobile trailer and delivered to your preferred location.

We will deliver the Container in the Zippy Shell Mobile Trailer anywhere in New Jersey. Prices starts at $99+ please inquire about our rates and distance.

The containers are also designed and available to be loaded on any standard trucking company for delivery anywhere in the country -unlike a Unit system or box container that requires special handling, trucking and even possible permits!


Need help in getting your home DE-CLUTTERED for a real estate showing, renting, or moving? Contact us for wrapping, packing, boxing, and staging the home for you so that the residence is presentable and market-ready!